Our statement:

This is a platform envisaged as a collection of professional advice, proposals and policy recommendations to tackle, in an integrated manner, the root causes and effects of some of the social justice issues affecting our society. 

It was initially developed, in 2017, as a bespoke knowledge management instrument addressing the UK - Romania modern slavery/human trafficking in both jurisdictions. 
 We aim to better identify, through professional research, the social justice issues impacting on the society, bridge these social gaps and provide step-by-step guides and process mapping for the use of practitioners and civil society. 

This platform is not a general collection of guidance and procedures or a substitute for policies, procedures and professional guidance, although the users may be provided with links towards other resources, including professional advice. 

The opinions and views expressed in these pages are those of the authors and contributors and do not reflect in anyway the views of any authorities, public/private entities that they may be affiliated with.