Our statement:

Welcome to ANTISCLAVIE, a platform designed to offer professional advice, proposals, and policy recommendations to address the root causes and effects of various social justice issues in an integrated manner. It was initially developed in 2017 as a bespoke knowledge management instrument addressing the UK - Romania modern slavery/human trafficking in both jurisdictions.
We chose to retain the name ANTISCLAVIE (meaning antislavery in Romanian), as it embodies the fight against one of the most severe crimes impacting our society. Although the website has evolved into a broader platform addressing the root causes and effects of various social justice issues, the name ANTISCLAVIE serves as a powerful reminder of our origins and core mission. It underscores our commitment to combatting human trafficking and modern slavery while also highlighting the interconnectedness of social justice challenges. By keeping the name, we honour the legacy of our initial focus and continue to raise awareness about these critical issues.


Thus, our MAIN OBJECTIVE is to better identify, through professional research, the social justice issues impacting society and bridge these social gaps, as well as those between research, policy, and practice .


Our PRIMARY AIM, which sets us apart from other resources, is our focus on process mapping and cross-border, integrated solutions. These approaches allow us to track and analyze the pathways from problem identification to solution implementation across different regions, ensuring that our efforts are both comprehensive and globally coordinated.
However, this platform is not a general collection of guidance and procedures or a substitute for policies, procedures, and professional guidance, although users may be provided with links to other resources, including professional advice. 


The opinions and views expressed in these pages are those of the authors and contributors and do not reflect in any way the views of any authorities or public/private entities that they may be affiliated with.